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A Note from a Campus Sustainability Champion...

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 8/15/18 12:00 PM

Beantown Bedding is proud to provide our Laundry-Free Linens® to colleges and universities across the country to help make their summer conferences and events a breeze! We're grateful for the opportunity to serve our university customers and wanted to share the following note from one of our top campus sustainability champions.  

Dear Review Committee,

My name is Gabriel Ornelas and I am the Director of the Ragsdale Center at St. Edward’s University. St. Edward’s University is a private 4 year and graduate university located in Austin, TX. My office serves as the campus coordinator for visiting external and summer conference groups. This year, 26 summer groups with an estimated combined attendance of approximately 1500 visitors will participate.

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Students, Sleep and Disposable Sheets

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 7/27/18 8:25 AM

A version of this article originally appeared on Wonkhe, a blog and think tank focused on Higher Education.

How do sleep patterns impact students’ academic studies? A University Registrar recently looked into this topic when he began to study the phenomenon known as “social jet lag”.

"[Researchers] Schirmer and Smarr analyzed two years of Northeastern student data and determined that a majority of students experience a misalignment between their natural internal rhythms and their school environment, known as social jet lag (SJL). In an academic setting, that could be a student whose internal timing is that of a night owl, but who has to wake up early twice a week for an 8 a.m. class. The study—the largest survey of real-world student SJL ever published—concluded that more SJL correlated to poorer academic performance (which, unfortunately, appears relevant for most students)."

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Compost Communicator | Member Spotlight: Beantown Bedding

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 7/13/18 9:37 AM

A version of this article originally appeared in the USCC Fall Compost Communicator.

Compost Communicator recently sat down with the co-founders of Beantown Bedding, a U.S. Composting Council member who joined the USCC to learn more about ensuring that their product, Laundry-Free Linens®, is entirely compostable in the compost manufacturing world. Beantown Bedding has been exploring its products’ impact on fellow USCC members’ facilities.

Q. Tell us about the mission of your company in your market.

Beantown Bedding developed compostable bed linens: eco-friendly disposable sheets that are soft and durable enough for weeks of use and are created with the intent of composting. The USDA certified 100% biobased product is chemical-free and made with eco-award winning TENCEL® fiber from eucalyptus trees. Laundry-Free Linens® are an innovative and convenient way for businesses and consumers to have clean sheets without the hassles of laundry.

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UVA and Black Bear Composting Take Organic Recycling to the Next Level

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 6/6/18 9:00 AM

Each summer, thousands of students arrive on the University of Virginia (UVA) campus for overnight freshman orientations. UVA and local composter Black Bear Composting have recently teamed up to take orientation sustainability to a new level when it comes to laundering–or rather not laundering–the thousands of bedsheets that are used by their overnight students and guests. 

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'Twas the Night Before Camp: A Mom's Take on Packing for Summer Camp

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 5/8/18 9:30 AM

Joan Ripple, Co-Founder of Beantown Bedding, recounts packing up her kids for summer camp -- and the certain items she doesn't want to see return home.


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Free Emergency Supply Checklist

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 2/7/18 1:59 PM

Our Emergency Supply Checklist covers a few essentials to have on hand in order to rapidly respond to unexpected disasters. Beantown Bedding's disposable sheets have been assisting Emergency Management professionals throughout the U.S. and they’ve become an integral part of emergency shelters across the country.


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Beantown Bedding Can Play a Big Part in Living an Organic Life

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 1/18/18 10:00 AM

Beantown Bedding’s innovative bed sheets recently caught the attention of Organic Life magazine. In the publication’s fall feature, the health and wellness site got to know the backstory behind the company’s disposable bed sheets and learned more about the linens’ eco-friendly elements. 

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift For Travelers, Campers, College Kids and More!

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 12/13/17 10:00 AM

Are you looking for a holiday gift for your favorite traveler, Airbnb host, camper or college student? Now there's a way to provide clean sheets without the laundry! Beantown Bedding's Laundry-Free Linens® are the first and only product of its kind, offering the comfort of washable sheets with the convenience of disposables. These biodegradable bed sheets may be used for days or weeks and simply discarded or composted instead of laundered. How's that for a gift that keeps on giving?


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Meet the Boston Founders Taking The Hospitality Industry Laundry-Free with Biodegradable Bed Sheets

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 11/27/17 8:00 AM

This article originally appeared in the 11/12 edition of Lioness magazine.

When cofounders Kirsten Lambert and Joan Ripple each sent their children to college, they realized just how time-consuming washing your bed sheets can be. In fact, they found that most college students didn’t like the hassle and often avoided it. While on the search for disposable sheets, they happened upon a better idea: Beantown Bedding.

Lambert and Ripple created hypoallergenic, biodegradable sheets made from a botanic fiber from eucalyptus called TENCEL, making the disposal process eco-friendly. The sheets can be used for days or weeks and then discarded or composted, in replacement of laundering.

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3 Must-Haves for Every Vacation Rental

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 10/13/17 9:19 AM

With the rise in popularity of home sharing sites like Airbnb and HomeAway, many people today are turning their vacation homes into vacation rentals. While renting out your home has never been easier, there are a few necessities that can often be overlooked when it comes to preparing your place for a short- or long-term stay. If you keep the following three items stocked in your vacation rental, you’ll be sure to keep the five-star reviews rolling in.

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Clean Sheets. No Laundry!

Laundry-Free Linens® are easy and eco-friendly! These innovative disposable sheets are remarkably comfortable and last for weeks. Simply use and discard. They're 100% Biobased, biodegradable and even compostable!

Ideal for:

  • College
  • Camp
  • Travel
  • Vacation Homes
  • Airbnbs

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