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"I loved these sheets! They were soft and comfortable, and I loved how I could dispose of them without feeling bad." 


Beantown Bedding
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"As a university, we provide linens to visiting groups and are responsible for laundering the linen inventory...

I was excited about the opportunity to use a product that would minimize our storage use, provide quality to our customers and reduce our environmental impact. I felt it would be a product we could "hold our head up high and brag about" to our staff, students and university.

I felt these linens fulfilled our mission and customer needs. Customers have not only provided positive feedback about what the product represents environmentally, but the quality of the product.


Disposable Sheets for Conferences and Events
Linens for Conference Directors

"Such a rare concept"

“Great for industrial housing programs (hotel, universities, etc.)...Very environmentally friendly, incredibly soft…incredibly cost efficient, especially when considering man-hours.”





Soft Disposable Sheets

"So Comfortable"

"We had great feedback from our clients...They had no clue that they were disposable...We literally had to pick (their) mouths off of the floor. They were so comfortable that they thought they were standard linens."

Beantown Bedding for Camp

"Great Product"

"Beantown Bedding has always provided us with wonderful customer service and a great product we are proud to use and offer our customers. Laundry-Free Linens® help us devote more time to our campers."

Disposable Sheets for Vacation Homes

"Life Changing"

"It was life-changing for our staff. We are big fans of Beantown Bedding!"


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