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4 Dorm Room Essentials to Save You Time

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 8/30/17 10:00 AM

It’s indeed that time of year again! For many college students, returning to school is full of excitement. And if you’re embarking on your freshman year? Even better! This is your time to head out of the house and into the world!

College is a new chapter filled with different people, countless things to learn and experiences that will shape you for the rest of your life. But what’s lacking in college? Plenty of spare time! Lucky for you, Beantown Bedding has you covered with our list of Dorm Room Essentials to Save You Time. Don’t let the start of a busy semester get the better of you. When you’re away from home, a few tricks and time savers can make a very big difference in the dorm.

1. Hand-Held Steamer

If you’re headed to a school event, an interview, a class presentation or if you simply need to look your best, chances are your clothes need to look their best too! This makes having a hand-held personal steamer a leading dorm room essential. Time is of the essence when you’re away from home and opportunity costs are high. Who wants to be ironing clothes in their dorm room when they could be grabbing a bite with friends before the big event? Stock up a steamer today.

2. Extra-Long Tech Chargers 

Outlets can be hard to come by in your dorm (especially when we all have multiple devices to charge every night), so extra-long phone and computer chargers can seriously come in handy. These allow you to charge your devices from across the room and still keep your laptop and cell phone at your fingertips. Start each day recharged and fully ready to take on the ultimate college trifecta: sleep, school work and friends!

3. Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

Not every dorm will have a vending machine, or will even have easy access to a dining hall, but most dorms do have a water fountain. Come prepared for dorm life with a stainless steel water bottle that keeps your water cold for hours on end. (P.S. Double-walled bottles are the way to go!)

4. Beantown Bedding 

This list wouldn’t be complete of course without the ultimate back-to-college, time-saving, eco-friendly item: Beantown Bedding’s Laundry-Free Linens®! These 100% compostable bed sheets are a great solution for dorm living where finding time to do your wash—or even finding an open machine in the laundry room—can be incredibly difficult. Beantown Bedding’s fully compostable bed sheets allow you to sleep clean without the hassles of laundry. Simply toss or compost the sheets and put on a new set. It’s a genius way to experience every minute of college life and still live the Laundry-Free lifestyle! Stock up on a set today.


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