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3 Must-Haves for Every Vacation Rental

Posted by Beantown Bedding on 10/13/17 9:19 AM

With the rise in popularity of home sharing sites like Airbnb and HomeAway, many people today are turning their vacation homes into vacation rentals. While renting out your home has never been easier, there are a few necessities that can often be overlooked when it comes to preparing your place for a short- or long-term stay. If you keep the following three items stocked in your vacation rental, you’ll be sure to keep the five-star reviews rolling in.

1. Reliable Wi-Fi with an easy-to-enter password

When arriving in a new city, the first thing many people do is to search for the different amenities nearby. This can include restaurants, coffee shops, tourist attractions and local stores. When guests are coming from out of town (or even out of the country) access to the Internet is critical, and for many guests, time spent at your vacation rental might be their only chance to connect with friends and family or plan out their day. Without a reliable Wi-Fi connection, your guests are essentially stuck, and having to navigate a complicated Wi-Fi password can only make an uncertain situation worse.

2. Coffee, tea and a bowl of fruit 

Guests may arrive at your vacation rental late at night or even half-asleep from a long day of travel, which means they may face-plant straight into bed. But when they wake up the next morning, nothing makes a guest happier than discovering coffee, tea and fresh fruit to serve as a quick breakfast before heading out to explore. Even if your guests don’t arrive late at night, figuring out what to do about breakfast can often be overlooked. Having coffee, tea and fruit on hand is sure to earn you a favorable review with your guests. It's also unlikely that your short-term guests will polish off all that coffee and tea, meaning you can easily roll this treat over to your next group of guests and keep the five-star reviews coming!

3. Beantown Bedding Laundry-Free Linens® 

One of the most important things for guests staying in a vacation rental is that the property is clean, and at the very top of this list is having a clean place to sleep. Let your guests rest assured that their bed is as clean as can be with Beantown Bedding’s Laundry-Free Linens®. Our soft, clean and 100% compostable bed sheets assure your guests that they’re the first and only guests to be sleeping on a set of sheets. Guests can also be confident in knowing that they’re doing their part to help the environment, since Beantown Bedding's Laundry-Free Linens® are 100% biodegradable, compostable and hypoallergenic. 

An added bonus? As a vacation rental owner, Beantown Bedding means less work for you! Instead of spending countless hours washing bed sheets whenever your guests depart, stock up on Laundry-Free Linens® so you can simply toss the sheets into the compost and put a new set on the bed. Give yourself a vacay from vacation rental laundry and pick up some individual sets here, or get a volume quote for your vacation rentals below.


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Clean Sheets. No Laundry!

Laundry-Free Linens® are easy and eco-friendly! These innovative disposable sheets are remarkably comfortable and last for weeks. Simply use and discard. They're 100% Biobased, biodegradable and even compostable!

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